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Our Story

GraphicStar came about in 1996 with two enterprising individuals who are jumpstarting a screenprinting business. However, in the process of refining its possibilities, they ended up venturing into computer-aided sticker cutting. Though the latest software then was employed, we had a few computers and machines to do the intricate work. From that, we developed an even larger format printing while we simultaneously honed our people’s skills in screen printing to become the perfection they pride in today. As time passed, GraphicStar continued to acquire printing technology to aid us in designing and producing even more accurate, precise results enough to satisfy the keenest eye for detail. To this day, GraphicStar continues to thrive on innovation and acquiring the latest printing technology to serve all your printing needs.

Moments Unfaded With GraphicStar

Equipped with state-of-the-art printing and production facility, GraphicStar immortalizes your moments unfaded with our prints.

Here at GraphicStar, we offer state-of-the-art services for graphic advertising and printing needs. May it be to immortalize a moment with a family portrait, celebrate a milestone with party print essentials, or boost your business with corporate merchandise. GraphicStar serves you nothing short of perfection. With a team of printing experts, we run an efficient internal business process to provide an excellent customer experience. Our innovative approach to printing ensures that we continue to deliver innovative products and unfaded high-standards printing services to our customers.

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